Who we are ?

CivEn Design Services Ltd. is a multinational engineering company, whose line of trade is DESIGN and CONSULTANCY in the realm of CIVIL ENGINEERING. Our scope of activity comprises a broad spectrum of engineering services for public and private customers in a number of countries worldwide.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to the concept that precision and quality are the utmost goals a company should target. Therefore, all we are concentrated on is satisfying our clients’ requirements for quality, timeliness and cost-effectiveness. For this purpose we created a working environment based on Expertise, Creativity and Innovation.

Why we?

Because we, CivEn Design Services, were able to gain the trust and confidence of many companies worldwide by our successful implementation of number of  regional and international projects for design and consultancy in Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East.

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Sofia, Petar Parchevich street №23

phone: +359 2 443 83 33

email: info@civendesign.com

working hours Monday - Friday: 09am - 06pm.